Private investors demand access to IPOs

Finally a move in the right direction.
Hopefully UK investors can push this thing forward so it would go to other corners of Europe.

"The CEOs of AJ Bell, Hargreaves Lansdown and Interactive Investor, businesses that together administer over £200bn ($280bn) for around two million retail investors in the UK, are demanding that private investors be given access to all IPOs.

They have written an open letter to John Glen, economic secretary to the Treasury and city minister, calling for a consultation on how retail investors can be given access to IPOs and not disadvantaged in favour of city institutions."

Private investors demand access to IPOs after being excluded by Dr Martens, Moonpig


> The letter noted that between October 2017 and October 2020, private investors were invited to take part in just 24 out of 352 IPOs, which means they were excluded from 93% of share launches.


If they do give us IPO prices, it better be before Deliveroo.


The Airbnb one was the most annoying IPO for me. Even Airbnb host got the IPO before retail investors.


Seen lots of talk. Is the 8th definetly confirmed for deliveroo?