Promo code please :)


I’ve just opened an account and then seen the promo offer. I haven’t made any transactions at the moment but i wish to use a referral promo code without opening another account. Any help?


the promo code is a result of a friend or other referring you to the site via their particular URL.

did you not sign up using this link or only found out about it afterwards?

Hi Dao, I only found out about the promo afterwards.

then unfortunately I think you wont be able to use one.

you can however share your own referral link up to 20 times for some free shares. I haven’t myself yet because I simply don’t have that many people I can invite or convince to try things out xD

Fair enough, thanks for the help!

Hey where can i find this promo code to share with others?

you should see a menu option that displays a present box with “Get Free Shares!” in your menu either on app or web platform if it is applicable to the region you are in.

Not all regions have this promotion running however.