Proof of address via


So, after a couple unsuccesfull try within app I sent my document (Bank statement) to the

It was 3 weeks ago.(05/28) Since then, i have only got an auto generated reply.

I just want to know generaly, how much time does it take to review?

Anybody have an experience in this topic?

Thank you in advance!

I’m from Hungary if it counts.

I had waited a while on my own as Northern Ireland. Banks from Ireland but part of the UK lol system had a meltdown I’m assuming as does most.

@Team212 should be able to help you out

thaks the reply!

I know, many people try to verify their address…
It just, a little feedback would be great, as the app only said " the document is not a proof of address" or something like that, which is not very helpful.

I am trying to verify it for month at least. I think i have tried every type of document, and method as you can imagine.

Patience is the key, i guess…

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Have you submitted a headed letter from bank?

I asked the bank to give me a formal statement, which contains every basic/formal information about me (includes address of course and stamp).

I have also tried phone bill and payroll tax report. I tried as a photo and pdf. format within the app. But it was not good enough.

Maybe my addresses not matched? I can’t find how i can check my address in my profile…

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Took me a while but did get it done, eventually. Good news is, you can still trade :slight_smile: