Prove of Residency not accepted

Hi, I’m a German citizen living and working in Australia for two years now. I life here in a share house so i don’t get any bills to prove my adress, i only pay rent once in a week witch covers all the costs.
But I uploaded a off of my bank statement with my adress witch was from the same day, but it wasn’t accepted. Anyone knows why?

I’m getting slowly a bit desperate and already consider to look for an alternative broker.

Thanks for any help.

Please write to them an email, explaining this. T212 is very reasonable and understanding. I hope you get to trade soon! :muscle:t2:

Thanks, I already did this. And they explained me that this prove is enough. But when I tried it, it didn’t work. :thinking:

Actually the teams are different, so if you write to them that the verification team still denied even if the support said it would work, they would help you out manually.

@David @George maybe you can help this bloke?

@Kenny1 From what I can see you are in close contact with our On-Boarding team and you have been provided with detailed information on how to proceed. Please follow the instructions and your account will be active shortly.

On a side note - always make sure that you strictly follow all the steps and requirements that you are given to ensure that your account is activated promptly. Sometimes even though the document you are submitting is issued by a bank and it contains your name and address it does not meet the regulatory requirements and we are not able to accept it.