Push notification in Android app


Today I received a push notification from the Trading212 Android App saying something about FED reducing the rates. When I clicked the notification it opened the App buy it only showed my watchlist.
Isn’t it suppose to show me the whole news? If the answer is NO, where can I see a list with these news inside the App??

Thank you im advance for your support.


@Rygel This was a “high volatility” news update. Its supposed to alert you to the app when the stocks are changing rapidly, so you can check on your portfolio. There are several other news update notifications also. You can see these if you go into menu>notifications settings at the top right> into the news tab. You can also disable any notifications you don’t want.

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As @cavanhagan mentioned, you can see recent notifications in More -> Notifications.

Push notifications lead you directly to this screen by default. Some push notifications may open a specific instrument or a watchlist if the current news is related to them.