Puzzle: missing fund distribution menu

I’m helping my friend learn to use pies and his computer does something different to mine. On the desktop platform he goes to invest in a pie. Unlike on mine, no menu appears to give him the choice of By targets, Self-balancing and Custom. Only the Confirm Buy button appears beneath he slider where he chooses an amount to invest. I have watched him do this as we chat on video and cannot for the life of me see what is going amiss and why he does not have the fund distribution menu. Any ideas?

He sees nothing appearing beneath the slider

Hi Richard, my T212 app on my IPhone 10 let’s me do the same feature. Don’t understand why you can’t do it on your Laptop

this is quite weird, may be tagging in @George or @David might help :slight_smile: also a screenshot from his point of view. Does it look like a “broken” view on his browser? or completely normal design with just the menu item missing?

What OS/Browser? :thinking: