Quarantine hotels - could there be potential?

As the UK has now disclosed a 10 day quarantine rule in hotels I wonder could this be a potential market to tap into over the coming weeks?

At a cost of £1750 for 10 days this would surely be advantageous for the hotel industry in the UK?


Got a Yahoo finance notification on this earlier today, headline was something like some UK hotel stocks jump on quarantine enforcement news. So possibly most of the move has already happened, can’t say for sure though.

You’re definitely right though, for the hotel chains involved this is pretty much their only income right now.

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Just waiting on the hotel release list, has to be out before Monday as that’s when it’s to begin… (although it should have started a year ago but I’ll leave my political digs at the door)

Could be something to look into. We shall see…

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Be realistic guys though, do you think people are going to pay to quarantine?? Hotels are just trying to survive but they won’t be booming as made out to be. Having worked in the sector and my brother a manager of the 5* Hastings Hotels here it’s not looking to good

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Perhaps. It could possibly be a risky place to put money.

My initial question was just putting out the feelers for both the ups and downs.

I mean the sector has been suffering for over a year now, really how long could a potential surge in the market take to really transpire on share price. It wouldn’t surprise me if any profits go towards debts/covering losses/immediate costs.

Think there’s better places to put money. Initially peeked my interest though.

The whole hospitality sector is ruined with all this crap. The costs for me to do my coffee shop up, introduce all the hygiene/hazard prevention crap was crazy and then, forced to cease trading full stop or use the likes of just-eat and operate as a takeaway service paying extortionate fees for an app service.

All the businesses beside my own also closed and it was on the news today that they want 80% of the country vaccinated before lifting the restrictions!!

Travel bans coming in will hamper any tourism and you’d get minimal traffic at hotels without the food and beverages being served in restaurants etc so it’s a dire situation and not one I’d buy into at the moment

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Sorry to hear that. You’ve had it rough. Shame the government lacks support for all.
They talk a good talk but it’s all hot air. I’m being polite - they’re totally useless in so many ways.

Hope you’re able to open again by summer for take aways at the very very least :crossed_fingers:t2:

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Yeah it’s grim mate but, you can’t sit on the floor waiting on them to reopen the place and, getting shafted by them financially due to be a young business but, I’ve just hit the last stages of a new business that I’ve been working on for quite a few months and the restrictions and lockdowns won’t interfere with its operating.

With all the knowledge gained here on the T212 forum over the last few months I’m actually thinking of going down an IPO route but still thinking strongly about that

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5* in Hastings?!!

Never seen one when I was there :smile:

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Sounds very interesting!! Hope it all goes to plan.

It’s been a beneficial time for learning a new walk of life that’s for sure. Stocks and shares have taken over my life but in the best way possible. I’ll never look back.

Which Hastings has a 5* are you asking?