Question: maximum quantity to buy

Hello, I have a question.
E.g. I have 73 euro in free funds. I want to buy 1 stock which is worth 77.3 $ (71.1 euro). When I try to buy I get a message e.g. The maximum quantity you have funds to buy is 0.99. Although I have more than a stock is currently worth, I cannot buy it. Why is that?

Thank you for support

there’s a restriction in place that prevents you using more the 95% of your free funds on a single market order.

this is to avoid the order being rejected due to market price fluctuations that may suddenly mean you don’t have enough funds to purchase the shares.


Thank you for the explanation, good sir

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I only don’t understand how they measure what % is required to remain
For some stocks it requires more for some less… I am puzzled in math behind this mechanism.

@Vedran It’s always 95%. The percentage isn’t variable.