Reduction in T212 quantities

@Diegoscur, at this stage, we won’t be increasing the limits for City of London Inv. (CLIG).

@Austinckb, we have increased the maximum quantities for Baron Oil (BOIL). The maximum order quantity is now 4,000,000 shares, and the maximum position size is 20,000,000 shares.

Thanks for the update to BOIL, could you review the max holding on Empire Metals (EEE), thanks

Done, @Austinckb :heavy_check_mark:

We’ve reviewed the maximum quantities for Empire Metals (EEE). The maximum order quantity & position size is now 300,000.

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Please can you increase max for Rosslyn data services

We increased the max order & position size by 10k each, @bmbm365 :white_check_mark:

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Is there a premimum service available that doesnt have these limits?

We don’t have such a service, @Tabbyh7. Is there any particular stock you’d like us to review, though?

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Ah ok thanks for clarifying. Not at the moment but just to confirm if i buy a stock the position wont close automatically will it if the value goes above the limit i buy it at, hope that makes sense.

Has been answered here bud:


Thanks pal much appreciated

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Is there any chance t increase the limit on PREM, ANGS, ALL, KEFI & KOD? Thanks

@Austinckb, we’ve increased the max order size for Premier African Minerals (PREM) to 7,000,000, and it’s now equal to the max position size.

We’ve reviewed the limits for Atlantic Lithium (ALL) and made adjustments. The new maximum order quantity & position size is now 120,000.

Also, we’ve increased the max order quantity and position size for Kodal Minerals (KOD) to 4,000,000.

For the time being, we won’t be increasing the limits for ANGS and KEFI.

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Thank you for updating ALL & KOD but I would really appreciate an increase in ANGS, KEFI & PREM, I need to average down on ANGS and invest more into KEFI & PREM.

@Austinckb, at this point, we won’t increase further the limits PREM, ANGS and KEFI as they’re all small market cap companies.

Has anyone seen the rationale for this, what seems to me, arbitrary policy? I seem to recall a vague reference to “protecting customers” in the original announcement, but in my case it is doing more harm than good. around the time of the introduction, I had large holdings in at least 3 of the affected instruments. If I sold them at the time, each would have lost 20-40% from memory, so I held on to them.

Normally, when I have stock that is losing 10% or over, I buy in during the troughs and sell a quantity during the (still losing) peaks to bring down the average price paid, and that has worked quite well for me. Recently, I sold 500,000 3LRR for £700, and today tried to buy them back for £545, but the position cap prevented me from doing so. Before that, CHEK reached a price of 45c and I wanted to sell 10,000, but found the transaction limit was 610 shares. By the time I set up 10 trades of 500 shares each, the price had dropped significantly, and I sold far less than I wanted to.

I don’t see how these restriction are protecting me, they are costing me money and preventing me from reducing the average cost/share. inhibiting or delaying them from becoming profitable again.


@Bogi.H Hi, can we increase the max/cap on 3CON holding? the max is too low atm. want to load more on the upward trend.

@sparrow, can you confirm the full name of the instrument, please?

3 times long coinbase etp



Generally, the ETFs and ETPs on the platform have no restrictions placed on them, @sparrow. Regardless, I’ll send you a DM so we can check your request further :ok_hand:

All ETPS have a max position which is very low these days given the down fall.