Referral link transparency

Could we add a function in that we can see on our end who has used our sign up link? Be good to keep track as inviting people and seeing they’ve actually signed up we can then do follow up with them and help them trade, get to know platform etc


I think this might clash with PII laws etc. Possibly may be too much of an identifier.

Email address can be starred out in middle which would keep GDPR rules within guidelines as we would only see a name and, if someone is signing up via your personal referral link then it shouldn’t be an issue unless someone is spamming their link and have no clue who they are signing up

Yea fair comment.
All I remembered from PII in tech was the less the better, especially after all the grief Facebook went through etc, and that was just stupid stuff like “where a person has last ate”.

Maybe a name could be all that;s needed though. Like “John . D” signed up.

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yeah John D followed by John********* with a date and time stamp (or date if times too much) this keeps all within guidelines and also lets us track who is using our referral link as ive sent mine out to a few and have yet to see who’s actually used it

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@Team212 is this something that can be added for ourselves?