Reporting from T212 made simple

Is there a way of getting a report from t212 to simply get information required to help pay right tax…

the reports seem rediculously difficult to get, if at all.

i get some reports on email, but dont seem to be able to request that informaiton anywere if i have deleted it accidentally.

Go to the burger menu. Hit History, then the top right hand corner you can export all transactions


I’ll have a double cheeseburger :hamburger: @Scrooge_McCodf

@tradingtim Let me know if @Scrooge_McCodf 's suggestion worked for you. If you need any other type of document, just DM me, and I’ll take care of it :pray:

Thank you. It works in ISA mode, but not in CFD. There is no way of exporting the information in any usable way that I can see.

Thank you.


Ahh, okay. Now I got what you’re after!

Check your email - we’ve sent you the CSV report there :mailbox:


It’s seems that T212 is a fast-food restaurant, burgers, double cheeseburgers, pies. :crazy_face:

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Thank you thats great. Can I email you info instead of using this chat box?

Sure thing. You can reach out at any time!

P.S. I just saw your DM, I’ll get back to you in a bit.