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How long does it take for a stock to be added? Requested Octopus Energy the other day but hasn’t been added yet

Currently, priorities for the T212 team are as follows:

  1. Adding IPO stocks on day of IPO
  2. Making existing stocks fractional
  3. Fixing and improving the Pie + Autoinvest feature

As a result, addition of new stocks is taking a bit of a backseat and can take a bit of time to fulfil.


Is there an alert you can set for when an IPO has been added?


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What I tend to do is:

  1. Check the community forum to see if there is a thread started for a particular stock you’re interested in
  2. If none then start a new one
  3. Then set the reply settings to “watching” which results in an email sent with new comments in the thread

Not ideal but it works.

Alternatively I’d jsut keep checking in the community which can be time consuming but it works!

Thanks for the advice

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