Request: USD Treasury Bond 20+ Years (iShares ETF)

Hi @Team212,

There is a reasonable selection of USA bond ETFs which seems to go up to an average maturity of 8.6 years (looking at the Factsheets).
Could you please add the USD Treasury 20+ years bond to cover bonds of greater maturity?
It is a timeframe of USA Treasury Bonds that is not currently covered.

Name: iShares $ Treasury Bond 20+yr UCITS ETF
Ticker: IDTL
Exchange: LSE

If possible add also the Euro and/or GBP hedged ETF:
Ticker: DTLE for Euro-Hedged
Ticker: IDTG for GBP Hedged

The iShares link in case you need additional details:

It has also been requested previously amongst other requests:

Thank you.


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