Requesting $JEPI

Please, add NYSEARCA: JEPI (JPMorgan Equity Premium Income ETF).

Ino on this ETF: JPMorgan Equity Premium Income ETF | J.P. Morgan Asset Management


I would like this to!

I would like this aswell!

One more vote for this

We have nyse but not nysearca

Please add jp morgan equity premium income fund, ticker symbol JEPI.

Thanks you

Is JEPI UCITS compliant, so can be sold to European investors?

another person requesting this

I would like this to, but not sure if its available in Europe.

its a double knockout if you think about it, as a US ETF we can’t have it unless it is UCITS and it is listed on the NYSEARCA which we don’t have access to, only NYSE or NASDAQ.

Would it be possible to add JEPI to the platform? Thanks.

Nope. It’s a US ETF. Not compliant in Europe. Sorry