Response to: Trading 212 Are In Trouble

“Some background in finance” could mean anything at all though, couldn’t it? Call centre, life policies, insurance claims, teller at a bank, credit chasers…

None of that screams accounting, does it?

If he doesn’t have a background in Risk, Legal or Compliance I really couldn’t give two hoots. But you knock yourself out, off you go and give him his clicks.


Not really.

If you knew you could submit accounts, but were only happy with 80% of the content, why would you not suffer a small ‘fine’, to submit accounts at a slightly later date that were 100% complete and correct?

It happens a lot, and one example could be structural changes to a company that are imminent, so you wait an extra few days/weeks/month until complete and then submit a complete set of accounts with any and all material changes captured.

Well, accounting isn’t a guarantee for knowledge in investing. Even finance and economics academics (e.g. PhDs) aren’t a sure knowledge of good investing, as some are mostly theoretical experts, that like to use nice finance and economics theories, with most of them lacking adherence to nowadays reality in the financial markets. If theoretical knowledge were enough, only quants and AI were enough to dominate the financial markets.

I mean Joey has no experience in X industry but still chooses to include it in his pies

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Are you guessing or are you stalking me… ?

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He’s off promoting stake in exchange of free shares when you use his link :rofl: