Review process for new stocks


Would you please be able to share more information about stock selection process? My understanding is that now I can add desired stocks into the request thread and the only “update” is when they have been added (and only if).

If the stock is not considered for addition, is this information available somewhere? Does it help if I request the stock which has already been requested?

For example - I am interested in company Serabi Gold (SBI.TO), which was mentioned here couple of times in 2020, but no update has been provided yet.

Additional question: Are you please considering addition stocks from TSX Venture exchange? This exchange is not mentioned in requests help thread.

Thank you.

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Hi :wave:

We’ll still let you know if we can’t fulfil the request.

Unfortunately, the company isn’t available through our intermediary, so we can’t offer it.

On a side note, we’re adding stocks traded on the TSX. I’ll check for updates regarding TSXV and will let you know.

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