Rocket Internet (RKET)

Hi @Team212,
above company was delisted in Oct 2020. Is there any way you can enable trading via any exchange, i.e. Hamburg exchange?


Currently, our intermediary IB does not support the Hamburg stock exchange. We will see what we can do in this case, but our options are limited.

ok, I’ve heard from ib that RKET is tradable on IBIS and EBS exchange. Is there any way you could help selling it? I’am really happy using t212 and put that in the feedback in ios app store germany (1st entry).

in request #955389 you say that you execution intermediary - Interactive Brokers, as currently, is unable to provide access to the Hamburg Stock Exchange.

Rocket internet is doing the corporate action “Aktienrückkauf mit Andienungsrechten” (share buyback with right to tender).
First, am I right according hdg-hunter-douglas-tender-offer-and-possible-squeeze-out
that I cannot exercise my tender?
Second, what happens after a possible squeeze out?
Finally, when do you sell my shares according your faq
Thanks again for your help!

Hey, there

There is currently no pending event within our intermediary. Its start date is set as 31.01. If it is a tender offer, at the moment, we have no mechanism to facilitate such a type of event.

In regards to the potential squeeze out - it depends entirely on what the definitive decision and final terms will be should the shareholders reach such.