Rollercoasters trading day!

Yes more billionaires are joining the fun

GameStop’s market value rockets past $10 billion, as Elon Musk joins in the fun

Anyone putting money on AMC? :smiley:

I know what’s happening lol but my point is its not just retail investors and too many people who have low knowledge about trading etc. are seeing this as a complete win over wall street when that’s not really the case. One fund got a bailout and a short activist probably got blown up. Yes there’ll be more we haven’t heard about but lets be real, the real winners in all of this is still Wall Street.

Get ready for the I can’t connect threads


The main winners I guess are the existing “Wall Street owners” that can now sell at a high price and recover their investment in a loss making company

forces everyone to have :gem::raised_hands: haha

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ISA does not update AMC? It seem to be stuck at $4.95?

Service Unavailable 503

Tooo much of buying going on :o

If you have these then congrats you are green otherwise a very red day for everyone else.

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and server is down lol

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I’ve placed 800 shares on AMC but can’t see if it got locked on low price or what’s going on ahhh

My day has been so shit

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The whole market is down, so its a waiting game

So far…

AMC $14.34

So same again today? All my investments are red again

and now …

AMC $20.43

Most of the positions I have went wobbly red yesterday. Will be interesting to see how this week closes.

Seeing that these are the type of memes on Social Media I would expect yes. Tomorrow most likely the same.


it’s $500 for GameStop can you believe that :o imagine if you got on that on Monday at $69 wow

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