Rolls Royce - GHOST

Was going to purchase yesterday morning as well, but for some reason, I decided against it. :roll_eyes: 70% past week is crazy!

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MM tree shake lol? Big drop to follow…?

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Could there be something in this? It’s all I can really find.

I literally couldn’t believe my eyes day, out of nowhere.

I’m dubious though. Feels too good to be true to me. I mean I’m happy (still in the red) but happy. I can’t see this lasting though surely :woman_shrugging:t2: Bloody guessing game!

I wrote about this a few months ago. Moving away from globalisation and localising supply chains as well as RR nuclear power systems. RR won’t be allowed to fail, and this is a great way to stimulate the economy.

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Let’s hope so :crossed_fingers:t2: Refreshing to see some good news at least.

So unpredictable!!

Don’t you hate those missed opportunities? On friday i thought there’s only one way this is going and now it’s up 140% since the low on Friday. I wish i’d doubled down…

I believe RR will keep going up now there is govt support and if they continue with the rights issue at the end of the month even better.
I’m in for the long term as their defence portfolio is solid and long term, and as commercial aircraft usage increases over the next 12 months it will return to hopefully pre-COVID levels.

Not a missed opportunity for me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: although I could have averaged down at 100p too.

Long term for me too. See no reason to leave them behind right now.

Beyond surprised!! Good things come to those that wait clearly :crossed_fingers:t2::crossed_fingers:t2:

More two earning reports and it will go down 80% again, there’s no magic.

I’m in long term for Rolls it will come through. Won’t go to 0 it’s just a waiting game. If they can progress with electric flight all Tesla fanboys might jump on and we’ll all on be 100 baggers lol

Up nearly 100% in a week and I didn’t even notice it creep up! That’s what happens when you take your eye off the game for a minute.
Would have bought a few along the way up.

Anyone have 3LRR?

I jumped in and out.

It might go up more but over 80 RSI on 4h might be pushing my luck.

Been fairly unlucky last few days so it’ll probably rocket further instead of return back. :sweat_smile:

Pretty sure this willdrop again before RI if it starts to fall I’ll put a cheeky short on.


Is it still worth investing in RR?

Wonder how they are doing with the airplane engines side of the business.

I can imagine with the recent Boeing 777 disaster that shareholders were cacking themselves if it was RR engines. Turns out it was Pratt & Whitney.


Wow have you seen it now? :joy:

I’m in but I have and will be for a long time yet. I rarely watch how RR moves on a day to day chart. I have an alert set for a specific drop to top up but other than that I stand by RR in my portfolio.

Sentiment - yes
But it’s for the long hold so I don’t mind and one day they’ll get back to paying dividends until then…it’s doing what it’s going. I’m happy with RR.

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