ROMA Green Finance (ROMA) non ISA?

All, @Team212

Why is ROMA not available for purchase in my ISA?

What am I missing?

I know it’s a Cayman company but that doesn’t immediately make it unavailable in an ISA, surely?

It was a recently added instrument, and we’re checking if it’s ISA-eligible.

ok, understood… still getting this screen for now though?

The instrument has just undergone our internal checks, and it’s ISA-eligible :ok_hand:

Someone should tell your back-office people then!!! :grin:

As it is STILL set to ‘view only’ :crazy_face:

Following up:

I got another one!

I’m looking to transfer my ISA to Trading212 but looking through my portfolio there is another asset Trading212 say can not be held in my ISA but my current provider allows:

US3514713052 FOXO

Why is Trading212 stopping FOXO from ISAs?