Running family member portfolio

Hey, a family member has recently shown interest in investing money. No he has no idea what he is doing so I suggested that if would like, I could run his money and copy my investments on my account.
Would I be allowed to manage his book?
It will be his money and all that stuff.
He would have his own T212 account and verified seperately and all that.
The reason I ask is becuase I don’t want any kick back to me, say, logging into 2 accounts from the same IP address.

I just want to ask here before I go ahead with doing anything.

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I’m pretty sure it’s fine, but just as another note, have you thought about just creating a pie for him with auto-invest? Then you wouldn’t even need to touch it unless you wanted to edit it or rebalance it.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster that arrangement.


Just teach the guy how to buy a couple of ETFs. You gotta learn at some point, right ? I’m not sure you’re doing him a favor by doing everything for him :slight_smile:
Now to answer your question, I don’t think it would be a problem at all.

I agree with @Enlil. Trading 212 provide such a simple interface that almost anyone can learn to manage their own account. Why not teach your family member the basics? You can be run over by a bus, and what then?

Many other brokers do allow a legally married or civil partner to transact on the partner’s account after receiving a letter of authorisation and proof of the relationship. But apart from those who are married or in civil partnership, I think this is a big no, no, and I expect Trading 212 would not like you to do this.


Yeah I’ve mentioned it to him that I’ll tell him what I’m buying, the rationale and I’ll ask him his risk appetite. Or he can choose to trust me.
But I’d get it in writing that arrangement before I do anything and it would be clear that the value can go up or down etc.
Or do I let him buy into my portfolio, so he’s investing in me (as such) as opposed to me investing for him.

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Honestly, he doesn’t even own a computer, and only recently got using a smartphone and apps in the past month. He’d have no idea about stock picking or macro news and so on.

Yeah, short term I can run the book. In a few months hand it over to him…that would be my ideal outcome.

@GaryS Guess you’ve made your choice :slight_smile:

@Richard.W mentioned a potential legal issue though. You should look into it before moving forward with your idea. Just to be sure…

Anyway, good luck with the stock picking. Choose wisely !

Hi @GaryS,

If this family member is that much a beginner, perhaps get this person to use the “Practice” Account on the platform.

It is a way for that person to use the features to see how easy it is to use Trading 212.

But you may need to reassure him or her that it is not “real” money being lost if he/she makes mistakes/lose money etc

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Actually this is great, he can buy VUSA and do autoinvest on it and he will beat 90% of all investors.

And actually he doesn’t need to login more than twice a year if he really wants to.

Just for fun of discussion, I thought I would share this article in the FT yesterday. I have always invested in VUSA and IUSA, but these are losing popularity as there are alternatives with better tax treatment for European investors.

I have moved the rest of this post to a better place.

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Hi @GaryS,

I helped my wife and my brother with there accounts.
If you are they trust you in your decision that should be fine. I Log In in their only in the very begging so i can show them how to use it.
Apart of that if they want to invest or trade is completely their decision.
Sometimes we have a conversation for potential IPOs trades and I am happy to help.
In your case, help your relative, build up a good basis(information wise and start portfolio) and in time he will take over - but time to time check the activity so you could prevent some looses that could be missed from his site.

There’s no limits on who’s accounts can be managed. No broker I am aware of limits it to being married or partners.
Other brokers allows friends and family to trade on someone’s behalf. It’s a very common feature and I use it to manage family accounts.
AJ Bell/HL/IG etc all offer this in the UK and you just have to sign a power of attorney form.
Interactive brokers go one step further to allow a main account to execute all the trades in with all trades split proportionally over all linked accounts.
I hope Trading212 will add this ability at some point in the near future.

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