Sale price ***BABA / Alibaba***

If jack has pissed off the ccp, then it might not be that bad for either side to delist his company.

Us looks strong ccp slaps down a dissident

x-mas and new years made me miss this topic! :slight_smile:

I’ve been holding BABA since early 2017 but this monopoly probe is actually scary and not like the ones in US, because it is… China. If they want to break it down, they’ll break it down to pieces.

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Why avoid the leverage?

Because if the underlying stock falls 33 % and you’re invested in the 3x ETP, you can lose all your investment. They’re meant more for daily trades and swing trades, not long-term.

Here’s a great thread by @Oktay.


Thanks, I’ve seen his post. I just wanted your personal thoughts on them. I personally use them and hold them. More the 3x, not shorting, and with the market being in a bull market it’s paid off.

Each trader has their own preference. Hopefully this will work out for both of us.

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As we’re in the thread of BABA discussion, I need to point out that the stock dropped more than 30 %, and if you had invested with the 3x leveraged ETP at the high, you would have lost almost all your investment. That’s why you need to be cautious with this kind of products.

But as you’ve said, every trader has its own risk tolerance. :wink:


I have a feeling we will get big news abut BABA (not including yesterdays stuff) in next 2-3 months, whether it moves the stock who knows, but just a feeling based on previous timelines like this situation in China.

Just be careful, it wont always be a bull market, and you wouldnt want to wipe out the gains of 10 years with a bad trade, or at least thats my ethos. Good luck with whatever you decide.

On the bright side:

Think these could be great early catalysts, but the next few months will show us the long term prospects :slight_smile:

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Yes pre-market strong, but really needs to get over the $250-$255 mark and stay there, if that happens we will see $280 not long after, I think right now between $220-240 people just trading it or whatever they do haha.

Finally a bit of positive movement on this stock today, hopefully like you said it can push through the $250ish barrier and head up towards $300.
If this happens I agree from an investor point of view it can only get better

The real question is, do they want to break it or control it. I am quite certain the second :wink: