SalesForce buying Slack


This is a good time to sell Slack on profit and buy SalesForce on discount with that proceeds.
Already Salesforce objects are easily and contextually accessible from within Slack

Very interesting. We use Slack at lot at my workplace. I bought a fraction of a share as part of a Cloud pie. Salesforce is part of my US 1 pie. I have not been able to understand why Microsoft should not be able to leave both Slack and Zoom in the dust. Why is Teams so clunky by comparison? Is it something about the Microsoft R&D culture?

Well according to new Gartner, Teams actually leaves Zoom and rest in the dust. In the unified solution segment, that is. :slight_smile:

For meeting solution it is dog fight between Zoom&Webex&Teams

Thanks, that’s good to read. I have hugely more invested in MSFT than CRM, WORK or ZM.

I have 150 shares Slack in my Long Term portofolio (ISA) and I am happy to read the news about this merger / take over, but I dont see any reason to sell my WORK shares.
I think Slack is still undervalued and if salesforce is buying them will pay a premium price so there s huge upside in Slack stop price… My 2 cents ofc

The acquisition of Slack by Salesforce is now complete. I am waiting to see what happens to my small fractional share of WORK that was part of a pie. I’m expecting it will become cash.