Server issues.....? [Resolved]

@David @Tony.V @Martin @PeterA

Experiencing server error messages when trying to open the app.

In case this is a more widespread issue, bringing to your attention.




This happened the last tine there was a major political event in the USA. Now, it’s after the inauguration. So, they still haven’t sorted the bottleneck for major trading days! Not fit for purpose!!!

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Same me , I can’t login

Hi Trading 212, I was not able to open trading 212 platform. it says server issues.
Can you please fix it

Same no connection to server…

We’re currently looking at it. Bear with us.


I can’t connect with Trading 212 website, and I can’t log in to my account.
This is the error the website seems to have

“503 Service Unavailable
No server is available to handle this request.”

Any information on why this is happening?


Please can T212 sort out their servers in advance of busy trading days?! Always at 14:30GMT when the US market opens. Not fit for purpose!!

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Yep exact same issue. Ongoing.

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Guys something is wrong with the platform.

error server:

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Server down… wanted to load up a few stocks that dropped, oh well :confused:

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same, cant log in, don’t know why

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yeah. makes me quit trading212


Yep, we’re all in the same boat. Give it a little time, probably just large demand again.

Yeah think its down at the moment.

Couple of other threads:

I really need to get on, other wise i might get a few positilns wiped out… damn man

can’t log in since market open, is it only me?

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No, same here twenty characters