(SHI) Sig Plc Rights Issue

Can you confirm that the rights issue for SIG Plc will be sent out to holders as there is nothing on the announcements page?

As per their RNS “The Bookbuild is expected to close no later than 4.00 p.m. on 19 June 2020, subject to acceleration”

T212 have time on this
Ex date 22/6 but T212 don’t have to instruct on your behalf until 3/7 with out turned stock not arriving until 10/7

1 new for every 4 old at 30p if you were holding any SIG at 22/6

Technically it’s an Open Offer, not a Rights Issue. Means you’ll get no ‘rights’ to trade… just the OO shares dumped in your account on 10th July if you choose to take any

Thanks very much for the quick reply

No problem
You realise I don’t work for T212 so you’ll need someone there to confirm they are or will be sending you details of the SIG Corporate Action (assuming you were a holder on Ex date) as you requested


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