Shoezone big win

I think this stock is a big flip, thoughts?

Good interim.

Their market caters to a recession.

Healthy financially.

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Looks good to me tbh :slight_smile:

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Founded in 1917! Still going, they’ve clearly been through a lot in 103 years.
There’s always gonna be kids and those kids are always gonna need school shoes at a decent price.

Interesting :thinking:

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Furthermore in 2018 they paid 19.5p in dividends.

That would give you a cost yield of 40% :flushed:

This is a banger.

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That is 2 years ago, they scrapped interim dividend now. And are saying they will feel covid-19 for years to come.

I don’t know much about this company nor the UK market but with my short look into it and limited knowledge it is an interesting stock. But looks risky at the moment.

I’ve found one analyst price of 52p whilst it currently is 54p and was 220p over a year ago. Possibly high risk/reward or one to hold for a long time.

Anything in retail is risky but Shoezone cater to the lower market. They would suit a recession and are in the processing of remodelling their business which has been successful to date. (BIG BOX AND DIGITAL) I think they’re worth a punt and ass ceegee mentions they’ve been through two world wars and numerous recessions.


Shoezone provides cheap shoes and seem to be everywhere here.

I would say that it is an essential customer item that they specialise in (unlike ASDA and Sainsbury’s I guess).

It is risky but it is one where they have been around for a long time and make essential goods.

They seem well managed, prior to Covid they had no debt!

It’s a shame as they were making good headway prior to COVID (although I’d like to know what caused the gap down at the end of August last year).

The worrying thing about the chart is they’ve dropped below their most recent support level, and the next point of support is around the 32p mark, so it’s hard to say if it’ll keep going and whether it would be a better course of action to wait and see if that support is tested. The pace at which the MACD is dipping into oversold suggests the same;

UPDATE: Aug '19 slump due to bad Fiscal year results and the CEO resignation. Good comeback from that to be fair.

CEO or director resigned, just seen you’ve put that

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Joey what chart are you using there? What platform?

That is Stockopedia. Unfortunately doesn’t do live pricing, but for delayed prices and long term charts it’s decent. I only use it when 212 doesn’t have the historic chart.

You got the £180 a year version or you do free trials lol

No I pay for it. UK and US market access, caught a decent discount offer. :slight_smile:

@Gfclappah have you made up your mind? Did you invest?

Looking at last week 53p is the new resistance.
Or there was no volume.

Yeah I’ve decided to invest I’ve put in a few hundred.