Short Selling Petition

I touched on exactly this in an FT interview @RLX. We’re gonna be missing out on all the fun once again…


It’s like other suggestions/ideas I already talk about several months ago. :wink:

It was recently launched one physical carbon ETP (not a futures-based carbon ETP, also recently launched):

I took the opportunity to suggest to HANetf and its CEO, other underlying assets. :wink:

I must start charging for my ideas/suggestions. :slight_smile:

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Wow I am very impressed , finally something really nice came out of your mouth, you did say please and asked nicely , I appreciate the effort but based on your past unfair comments about me ,I still gather that you are utterly insincere, so for that reason I won’t be able to help you with your request, I do apologize and ask you to commence a furious search on Google and I am sure you will find satisfactory answers to your questions over there.
Best wishes :smiley:

Oh god, I’m in pain but I can’t stop reading. This is amusing.


Pardon me good sir, I am truly sincere, but you’ve mistaken me.

See, I actually know and understand those words, but the way you use them makes no sense.

I am genuinely interested to learn what you think they mean, as this is something i do not understand, but sadly I cannot Google for that.

Can only ask the master for enlightenment.