SinoVac BUY not functioning

Hi, Could you tell me what’s wrong with or fix please the BUY button for SINOVAC it just keep saying to try again and has done so for weeks.
Thanks in advance.

Just a quick two second DD on wiki it says it was halted in February 2019 due to a proxy fight.

washingtonpost: For Sinovac, the bribery cases have had little visible impact except to exacerbate an acrimonious shareholder struggle that has frozen trade of its stock on Nasdaq since February 2019. This ownership battle has taken dramatic turns, including a physical fight for the company seal — a stamp used by Chinese firms for legalizing documents — that Sinovac said resulted in a factory power outage and ruined vaccines. Sinovac has otherwise continued business as usual.

Thanks so much.
Really appreciate it.