Site down? 50% of the Stock dont move

Is the site down? Cause 50% of the Stock don’t move and I’ve got pretty negative trades… I can show screenshot if needed. I’ve tried to update the page on 3 mobile phones and my pc.

Works ok overhere… have opened/closed some trades last 30 mins

That’s not ok at all.

I checked Siemens. I see the stock price haven’t updated since 12:00.

It updated for 1 seconds and freeze in the next second . Can you get a refund for that somewhere?

Dunno. Contact T212 using the chat. Best option if you would ask me.

Sorry, It was an issue affecting only a few stocks. As of 30 minutes ago, all of them are working fine.

In the morning I was not able to buy any MSCI World ETF. The order was declined for no reason. Why?

@David NYSE:UBSI hasn’t updated since march 13th. I already mentioned it in another post but haven’t got an answer about it.

Hey @Fabi0. Sorry for that. We are in the process of solving those issues for good, so please bear with us. United Bankshares should be quoting fine from now on.