Snazzy Pie Library Update

Check out that snazzy new Pie Library Update in the app. It’s got a bit of everything; full exposure down the bottom now, and some new categories up top for different kinds of pie!


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Those have been there for some days I guess… on iOS…

Hmm, I’m sure if we need a dedicated tab for Pie Library. I assume that once you set up a Pie you start investing … I don’t know if one checks and copy it daily, that we need a dedicated tab for that.

Furthermore, I think we could use some kind of analytic tab. My few cents. :wink:

Anyway, have a good and safe weekend everyone. :v:t3:


A dedicated tab is odd but I’m guessing most of the ~1,000,000 customers didn’t find it in settings and they really wanted to focus on it as it’s a USP.

A pending orders tab or something might have been better :man_shrugging:

Anyway can anyone see how we adjust our category on the existing pies and new ones created?

Yeah, perhaps. My app only updated late last night so I was having a nosey if there was any visual changes, as I hadn’t seen it mentioned in the forum.

I think they’re auto-populated depending on the stocks used, and what the particular returns are, etc? :thinking: