Some historical data is there to torture you

And how am I supposed to read this? There stock splitted multiple times and they’ve payed dividend.

precisely :slight_smile:

this is just dividend/split history for TSM, the odd multiple split ratios makes it painful

Aha you got me tortured but more because I don’t know how to read that image :joy:

Found a textual source

TSM’s 10th split took place on July 15, 2009. This was a 1005 for 1000 split, meaning for each 1000 shares of TSM owned pre-split, the shareholder now owned 1005 shares. For example, a 4681.21873798656 share position pre-split, became a 4704.62483167649 share position following the split.,our%20TSM%20split%20history%20database.&text=This%20was%20a%20123%20for,share%20position%20following%20the%20split.

So you would need to have 1000 shares before you got any new additions sounds insane to me :sob: as if a normal human being would buy 1000

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