Spread mark-up on LSE stocks? (CFDs)

Is there a higher mark-up on LSE stocks due to lower average volumes than e.g. NYSE/NASDAQ?

The spreads seem to be consistently poor even for high volume LSE stocks e.g. IAG, LLOY - this makes it nearly impossible to take advantage of intraday price movements on these stocks.

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I agree. I have both buy price and sell price enabled on the charts. Sometimes the spread is literally off the charts. Can’t see the sell price at all due to the spread.


Yeah I could’ve picked one of those off the chart examples for my screenshots above but I tend to only see them on lower volume stocks so I guess can give benefit of the doubt there.

Another example.

Real spread on MSFT right now ranging between 2 and 8 cents. Spread on 212 between 20 and 30 cents…

Is that normal? I understand this is the revenue source but for the first hour of trading and such a high volume stock surely those mark-ups are wider than expected?