Still not got my dividend from Anglo pacific group

Hi i have shares in Anglo pacific group they went ex dividend on 4th June and dividend was paid on 18th june i expect a few days wait as had been said on forum but was hoping it would drop in today has anyone else had this problem

18th was Thursday, so this might be “corner” case where it took more then 3 days. Should land in day or so. No need to worry I believe.

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I don’t understand how a FinTech company can’t automate addition of stocks, dividend distribution…

They have to have received the monies in the first place
That’s the usual problem
Electronic apportionment of dividend once received is easy and most likely automated
But you can’t pay out what you don’t have
If you did you generate cash reconciliation breaks and that’s an FCA no-no
You’re wider point about inefficiency is true though
It’s highly likely Anglo Pacific have paid in a foreign currency, sent a cheque (yes! this still happens!) or done something else inefficient – this needs to change, but Registrars are quite antiquated

(My very first job ever was reconciling and paying dividends at a stockbrokers… I know… J’sus it was painful sometimes!!!)


I don’t know man. I have had an account at Degiro for 2 years and there have been no delays. The payment date was the payment date, there was only a conversion delay from USD to EUR for one day.

Ah, agreed. But you’re forcing me to be a technical bore again!

Yes, you can pay on paydate from your own corporate monies if you choose to (you have to move funds from corporate funds to client funds to stay within the regulatory rules). I’m pretty sure HL do it for the account I have there as I always get paid on PayDate. No reason T212 can’t do this but I understand why they may not choose to. It’s operationally problematic, it’s financially risky when you run a credit line for your clients and under FCA rules you kinda have around 10 days to pay dividends to your clients anyway before you need to report any form of breach. Thta’s not to say it isn’t possible. It categorically is. It’s just a business decision.

Well from how I look, T212 was mostly CFD platform, which has shifted some or most attention on invest part.

Can’t build “World” in 1 day, step by step, brick by brick. We will get there. At least you get front seat on the ride…

Vedran, the company doesn’t operate for 1 day, don’t say nonsense, the company history isn’t short

I understand what you mean now. Thank you.

From Googling investing platform was released around June 2017.

The size of community grew 100folds since the Market turmoils in early 2020. By feedback from t212 the customer base increased enormously…

We all await enhancements on the dividend/investing side of platform, no doubt about, but payment of dividend on payout date is hardly a die for feature, it is more “nice to have”.

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Exactly, they have much bigger priorities, happy 3 years though Trading 212 Invest, came so far already!

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dividend arrived today so all in all not too bad this is my first dividend from trading 212 so was a little unclear of what to expect time frame wise … I must say i am very happy with trading 212 platform and have moved all my investments from another app … keep up the good work

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Glad to hear it! Usually comes in the next day or the day after for future reference!

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