Stobart new ticker... STOB or ESKN?

Can I ask what’s the relationship between the tickers STOB and ESKN ?

On Google STOB doesn’t return nothing anymore, just ESKN, but on Yahoo Finance both are available…with diff prices.


Stobart group and Eddie stobart Logistics have split and are both independent companies now. Eddie stobart purchased the rights to the name from them so now the stobart group have renamed.

Strange, the filing on the Stobart Group website suggests the ticker has already changed to ESKN, but the ISIN remains unchanged.

The vote on the name change went through on Feb 3rd and the result of the vote was announced on their website on the 4th.

I suspect we are in a transition period at the moment with the ticker eventually being transferred over the ESKN. Link to the filing below:

Also I can’t add the new ticker to a Yahoo Finance portfolio…

What does this mean for me in terms of shares ? Am I getting transferred to the new ticker I am confused as both trade with different prices…

Mystery over… ticker is now ESKN in T212 too

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