[stock request] docu

Docusign from nasdaq


I’m also keen to build a holding in DOCU.

I’m also keen to see DOCU added.

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Has everyone been on a youtube binge?
Seems every man n his dog want docusign these days. Seen a few videos pushing docusign now on youtube … makes me wonder.

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I’ve not watched any YouTube vids, but there does seem to be a lot of hype around Docusign right now. I actually came across it at work a while back and I liked the idea instantly.

To my mind, it’s on to a growing trend when you consider the amount of paper still used for the purpose and, value aside, the company’s fundamentals look decent too.

It’s on the riskier end of investments though, so I won’t be putting a particularly significant proportion of my portfolio into it.

When I check fundamentals, P/E of 340…

It seems like a bargain…

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Yea, not one for me.

Docusign and teladoc seems to be on everyones buy list right now.

Looks like Docusign’s among today’s additions.