Stock Request Ticker: GRAMF:OTCQX

Please you add this OTC stock: GRAMF. Here’s some quick detail on the company:

TPCO Holding Corp Formerly known as Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp. TPCO Holding Corp., formerly Subversive Capital Acquisition Corp., is a cannabis company. The Company through its subsidiaries CMG Partners, Inc. (Caliva) and Left Coast Ventures, Inc. (LCV) is engaged in cultivating, manufacturing, retailing and distributing of adult-use cannabis products. Caliva’s business-to-business sales and distribution network serves over 150 licensed dispensaries and provides direct to consumer delivery and retail in the state of California. Caliva product offerings also include non-Cannabis, hemp-based products as well as beverages, including cannabidiol (CBD) wellness products. Caliva, through its affiliated entities, owns and operates five licensed retail dispensaries, both storefront and non-storefront, five licensed distribution facilities, and a licensed cultivation and manufacturing facility in San Jose, California. LCV is a cannabis and hemp-derived CBD company, which has built and operates an umbrella of cannabis and hemp-derived CBD entities.

This is the company that is partnered with Jay-Z who holds considerable about of brand power and the upcoming legislation this stocks has the potential to grow exponentially.

Many Thanks

It’s a Penny Stock Exempt so ok from this point of view.
You may want to tag next time the Customer Team @Team212.

Thank you for your response, I don’t often request but think this has a lot of high potential, but of course, risk given OTC. @Team212