[Stock Request] Yü Group PLC

LON:YU would be great if this could be added. Apologies I don’t have any further information or ticker number to help, I can’t seem to find it! :man_shrugging:

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Appreciate the backlog @Team212, etc, and only 200 per week, but does this stock look like one that’ll be added in May or from June onwards? :grin:

Nothing worse seeing a stock you’ve waited a while on being added just start going up and up, and it’s still not available. Can we find a better way to ask for stocks @Team212 as posts here are bound to be missed?

It’s frustrating. I like what you offer, and thus don’t want to really go elsewhere, but it’s been roughly 7 weeks since this was first posted. Surely all the requests here could be actioned in a single week to clear out any backlog? :thinking:

I’m away back to my :shell: !!

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Whole market is skyrocketing last few days… :slight_smile: It seems awfully familiar with few historical events…

Currently if you threw money at rock it would grow 30-40%…

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Tried that with my card, but no such luck, I’m now hunting between said rocks for said card! :man_facepalming::see_no_evil::tipping_hand_man::rofl:

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@Martin @David @PeterA One of you couldn’t be a real gem and add this bad boy (initially asked for in April) today could you?


^^ The beers are on me lads! :raised_hands:

Happy to wait for this than pay to upgrade an account!!


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Happy to see this now on the app as part of today’s additions @Martin @David however I just wanted to check the Ticker was showing up correct? Seems to be a / after YU?

Is that right? :upside_down_face:

@mcwilliams91 Corrected, thanks for the heads up. :slight_smile:

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