Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

That’s the wrong answer I’m afraid. We shouldn’t have to tidy up after you.

Please can you add STM Group to your listings ticker STM :white_check_mark:

Please add Vanguard FTSE All-World High Dividend accumulating.

Ticker (XETRA): VGWE

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Please add
OtcMkts: VYGVF - Voyager Digital Ltd

Thank you.

Asked a few days ago.

Response was “we won’t be adding this”. Reasons not given.

I’ve tired to go through the Request Help to screen this stock but can’t find any mention of Penny Stocks over at the OTC Markets page.

GWLLF (Great Wall Motor Company Ltd) is a Chinese automaker bringing one of the first “affordable” electric cars (staring £25k for top end model) to the European market in early 2022 and I think the Ora Cat looks amazing. I’d like one of their cars but would need to save up to buy one. Would put money into them if they were on T212.

This page has quite a bullish outlook on them Make your money work for you

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Hey @ronanickles - unfortunately this penny stock doesn’t meet any of the criteria T212 require it to in order to add at the moment.


I know, but sometimes when asked again afer 1 week they might add the request. Weird, i know.

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It’s a funny one as it seems to tick all the boxes now. Perhaps perceived volatility playing a part, not sure.

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Now added @Davey :+1:t2:

@ronanickles @Joey_Fantana

Great Wall has a Primary listing in HK… which makes it easier to trade… already setup and available on IB too… so should be tradeable by T212

Hope you have more luck this time

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That such a shame. Hopefully T212 will change their mind, now that the EV market is taking off & its available on other platforms :pray:

@Finki Thanks for that. Fingers crossed they’ll add them. Really dont want to have to switch to another platform

I’d add it to Mr Fantana’s daily “please add these stocks” thread if I was you.

Seems to get more traction if you explicitly ask.

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@Finki 212 has access to HK stocks now, is this something you discovered through your API?

Ah! Fair point. T212 wont do HK stocks still, right?

In which case Great Wall has a German listing too that might be tradeable …

D’oh! Doesn’t look like IB has the German listing set up.


Hey @Joey_Fantana @Team212

Please could you add the ticker: BAIN

BAINS MER MONACO ( Société des bains de mer de Monaco)

It’s on the French exchange.


Can this be added?

It’s on IBKR so should be alright. We’ll find out later today. :+1:t2:

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Hi Can we please have NSH, Norish on the AIM market listed.