Stocks & ETFs requests - add here

AGGH :soon: and VAGF :white_check_mark: - both accumulating bond ETFs available on XETRA. thanks

Please add RBTX
20 c

Please add gbdv idvy


Please add
EQQU (London Stock Exchange in USD) :soon:
IUAG (London Stock Exchange in USD) :white_check_mark:
AGGG (London Stock Exchange in USD) :white_check_mark:

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There are around 200+ GDR shares listed and traded in London Stock Exchange.
Would it be possible to add any of these GDR stocks to the invest platform?
(With fractional option.)

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It would be great to add $CLCT (NASDAQ). Thanks. :white_check_mark:

Can you add goldmining inc ticker GOLD


Please could you add VALE

I’m crossing my fingers and hoping that this thread will be reviewed for the end of week 2.5k roll out, therefore I’m adding GRBK (Green Brick Partners Inc) here as well as my separate post requesting it.


Can we get some swizz stocks please

BVZ Holding [SWX:BVZN] :white_check_mark:
Schweizerische Nationalbank [SWX:SNBN] (Swiss National Bank) :soon:
Julius Bär Gruppe [SWX:BAER] (Julius Baer Group) :white_check_mark:

and any form of the Maersk stock

A.P. Møller – Mærsk A/S [MAERSK-B] :white_check_mark:

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+1 for Temple Bar Investment Trust can this be added please! 10% discount to NAV at the moment!!

Also please add Fundsmith Emerging Equities Trust (FEET)!. 13.5% discount to NAV at the moment!!

Lastly, please add Mobius Investment Trust!


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Can we get the following as soon as possible! its going for cheap!!!

National Bank of Belgium (Banque nationale de Belgique) - BNB


Switch has been added this week it seems, just not as a fractional

This please!

National Bank of Belgium (Banque nationale de Belgique) - [BNB]
Schweizerische Nationalbank [SWX:SNBN] (Swiss National Bank)
Seven & i Holdings DB:S6M


Can we get these stocks please?

Trulieve Cannabis Corp. (TCNNF)
H2O Innovation Inc. (HEOFF)



Requesting again, please add following @David

NYSE:KMDA requested on 11, March. Stock request NASDAQ:KMDA
NASDAQ:AVDL requested on 20, Aug. Stocks & ETFs requests - add here - #578 by kannaiah
NASDAQ:TIGR requested on 17, July NASDAQ:TIGR UP Fintech Holding

Thank you.


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You’ve already added Social Capital’s SPACs - IPOA (now SPCE), IPOB, IPOC. Please can you add the newly listed items on 9th October: IPOD, IPOE, IPOF as seen here:

Thanks in advance!


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They won’t be available for a while, more details below:

HEOFF h2o water innovation :droplet: