Stop Loss Order- How To Guide- Trading 212 INVEST

Dear All,

I am new to investing, and Trading 212. Beginner question.

I am attempting to set a ‘Stop Loss’ order at the time of the market order (new order), however, I cannot see how this can be done in the Trading 212 INVEST interface.

I have review the Trading 212 videos, however, the interface/GUI on how to set these appears to be very different in Trading 212 INVEST vs Trading 212 CFD.

Can someone point me in the right direction, please?

Kind Regards


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You could set a stop-limit sell order. The stop price is a trigger price and the limit the price you want to sell for at least.


Price of Stock A is 15.00. You can create a stop-limit order with stop 10.00 and limit 9.75.

As long as the price stays above 10.00 nothing happens. When price is 10.00 or lower, your order will be sent to the market with the set limit price, thus 9.75.

Hi Chantal,

Thank you for your information.

At the point of initial ‘Buy’, the wording implies that a stop-limit sell order would need to be ABOVE the current price.

Obviously, i want to buy at the current price, but set a stop loss at a lower value.

For example, I wanted to buy Microsoft at the Current Market Price $162.01, but sell if the price dropped to $120, what are the steps I would take to implement that rule?

Perhaps it is only possible to set this, after purchase, and then clicking ‘Sell’, to reveal different options?

I’ve not bought any stock yet so i have no idea whether the GUI/workflow works this way.



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Hi @uk_jamie,

Yes, after you buy the stock, you will be able to send a Sell Stop/Limit order. It requires a Stop (trigger) price below the current price, and a Limit price - the minimum you’re willing to get for your shares.

One more thing. You can use the simple Sell Stop order as well. The difference is that without the Limit component, once hitting the trigger price, the order will be filled at the best currently available market prices. That means it might sell even for less than the Stop price.

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Thank you George, this is helpful information.

Can i recommend that this is added to the Trading 212 Knowledge Base, as this would be helpful to other people, and i could not locate either in YouTube Videos, or Website.

As this is method is also different to the method used within the Training 212 CFD interface, it makes it more confusing.

Again, thank you for your assistance.



I just came across this thread which relates to my current situation.

I am currently using the trading 212 demo account, mainly INVEST.

After watching many videos, such as the screenshot below, there seems to be a very simple way to enable stop losses on the INVEST account, which a tool to calculate percentages and outcomes, as well as a take profit option.

I am confused as on the INVEST platform i am using now this is not an option. Instead there is only a stop limit order. I am just a bit confused why it seems there used to be a really helpful stop loss option on the invest page, now there is no option to use a stop loss at all, only a much more complicated stop limit option.

Please see the attached image below.

Kind Regards. Ben.


Hi @bennykings, this screenshot is from an older version of the Invest account. The old order window used to offer you the possibility to attach and send sell orders directly with your market buy order. “Under the hood” Take profit used to create a ‘Sell limit’ order and Stop loss used to create a ‘Sell stop’ order. Since then, we discovered that many inexperienced users found this UI too complicated and very hard to understand as it presented too many options within a single screen.

That’s why we decided to remove Take profit and Stop loss from the market order, and present them as separate orders. You can still achieve the same effect of:

  • Stop loss by placing a Sell Stop order after you buy your shares;
  • Take profit by placing a Sell Limit order.

Here you can find more info on how the different order types work:

It will be nice to have and advanced view when placing the order to be able to attach the stop selling orders


Thank you for the reply George.

I would just like to reply in terms of personal feedback.

I don’t see how an inexperienced user would prefer to go from an UI with a simple stop loss tool that calculates your risk automatically and simply at the same time as executing a a buy order, to an UI where you have to input a buy order, then separately open a sell order of the stock, manually input your own stop and work out the percentages and potential loss to 5 decimal place. It just doesn’t make any sense.

I apologise if i am off base here but i just wanted to give my feedback.



Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Ben. Any feedback is always welcome and much appreciated! This is what helps us evolve and improve our product :slight_smile:

Hi George, how can I set a Sell Stop and Sell Limit for the same investment? It seems to be one or the other.

Many thanks!


Let’s say i am in 50% profit and I want to protect my profit by 25% I would use a stop limit on that order?

Also do I have to set a new one every day?

(Invest account)

Hi @George and @uk_jamie

I’m new to trading and 212 so please forgive me if my terminology isn’t correct. I think I’m having a similar problem. When setting a Sell Stop/Limit my stock is being sold immediately. Is this due to not having a sufficient/correct range?

Also referring to what you mention above; if a limit price is set but the share sale is below that price, does the sale still get made at the lower value or is the stock not sold? Would be great to have a video of this demonstrated along with the theory behind it.


Currently, you can’t place more than 1 sell order for the same X quantity of shares that you own. We will look into removing this limitation in the future.

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Thank you George that would be extremely useful.

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@paul_3 It appears that you’ve been applying them the wrong way. Placing a limit sell basically means “I wish to sell at this price or a better one”. When you place it below the current market price, that means it’ll immediately be executed because you’re satisfied with the current price.

Hi I am likewise just starting up on the trading 212 platform and I was wondering if someone could indicate to me how the stop limit works. In addition, is there another easier way to set a stop loss?
Many thanks.

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Hi, Is there any ETA for this feature? To me it is essential that a trading platform allows both a sell STOP and sell LIMIT to be set for the same order.

It’s the key missing feature that is making me think I should move from T212.

Ideally these should be set at time of purchase.

Otherwise all good thanks.

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Where would you move away to?