Support backlog? [Solved]

Just wondering if there is currently any known issues with support ticket turnarounds?

I have had a ticket open now for nearly 3 weeks with no response or acknowledgement at all, its a simple request to update my email address. I even attached everything they require as listed in the F.A.Q page. They auto closed it within the first day with no details so I reopened it.

But I have heard nothing at all since, not even a “hey we are super busy, will get to this request asap”. Seems a bit strange to not even acknowledge it.

I haven’t had to raise a support ticket before so not sure if that turnaround is normal, however I’d maybe suggest sending a direct message here either to @Team212 or an individual member of staff to raise awareness.

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@RatThing Apologies for the caused delay. Please check your inbox. :mailbox:

@Tony.V Perfect thanks, looks like the ticket has now been processed!