Table of new shares added to the platform


Is it possible to have a list of all new shares added to the platform that is updated automatically. i.e similar to the hotlist page

Three examples why:
IPO’s: Right now someone in your company has to add a new post on the community page each week with the announcements. That quite a manual process and for the end-users difficult to follow.

Request shares by end-user:
Once again someone in your company has to manually reply which is a bad thing for the author of the message but for someone else is we have to keep track which is quite troublesome.

The company inserts shares:
As a company, you’ll always be adding new shares on a daily and weekly basis. But there isn’t a real process which alerts the end-user. The closest is “New on Trading212” tab which in my opinion outdated and very slow. i.e When Airbnb share came out it wasn’t on the list till sometime later.

P.s Back in November, you had a very big google sheet list, I found that very useful.

Let me know your thoughts…