Temporary BUY Restrictions on Illiquid OTC Penny Stocks

With regards to LLKKF being suspended from trading, does that mean current holders will not receive the “Bonus Options”, or proceeds from the sales if they are liquidated by T212?

I’m also surprised by the responses from IBKR in the above posts related to LLKKF as it appears to be in good standing (penny stock exempt, current financials etc), with OTC Markets. I will try to create an order in IBKR later to see if that goes through.


Thanks in advance for any enlightenment on this.


We’ve reactivated purchasing of the following securities although with limited quantities, initially at least.

  1. Frontier Lithium - 100 shares
  2. Heritage Southeast BankCorp - 12 shares
  3. NanoXplore - 30 shares
  4. Texas Mineral Resources - 160 shares
  5. Perpetual Federal Savings Bank - 2 shares
  6. Sysorex - 115 shares

The number of shares indicates the maximum position size one can accumulate. If you have a position equal to or larger than the limit, your position will not be closed or reduced, you just will not be able to purchase any additional shares. We’re in the process of reactivating buying additional securities that have a market cap of above $50 mln.
Also, the buying limits currently in place will not be constant, they’ll likely increase over time although slightly.


Why we don’t have any update on the charts for LLKKF ? I understood that we should wait to do what we want with our money which is in my opinion total madness but to have the charts blocked ??? When will we have this problems solved . As a company you should provide more answers and solutions to this kind of problems .


David, this is good news and it’s great to see some movement from T212 on this front. Appreciate it!

I think what would be very helpful for everyone, is to tell us why these position size restrictions are in place at all, as that is a key bit of information which will provide clarity, reassurance and renewed confidence in T212 for OTC investing.

As a side note on the position size limitations you’ve stated, taking Frontier Lithium as an example:

Current share price (based on Yahoo finance): $0.6462
100 shares limit position size: $64.62

That makes the investment almost not worth it at all, at least from my personal perspective. In order to capitalise on the investment, I would personally want to own at least a few 1000 shares while the share price is cheap.



Other than the open positions I have with OTC stocks. I won’t be adding anymore to my 212 accounts, its just not worth the risk on this platform at this time, my confidence in using 212 as a broker for OTC is shot. It is limiting customers taking advantage of low hanging fruit and low stock prices while they can get in early and its just not worth the risk that 212’s intermediary will limit us to Close only mode which forces you to sell at a loss or stops people buying and allowing the stock to rise.

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Or a prime example why they say it pays to shop around? The limits could happen with any broker depending on their volumes, compliance limits or direction from the regulators, so having more accounts gives us all more options :man_shrugging:


I hope one of them is IQST

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Thanks for clarifying but why these suspended stocks are still being traded on IBKR?


Because the heavy/unusual trading isn’t concentrated across their own book of business, it’s concentrated within one account on their books: Trading 212.


Hello, can you please inform us when do you plan to lift buying restrictions on $TLSS? It was uplisted on OTC-QB, and its market cap is above your $50 mln threshold. Thanks!


LLKKF , ABEPF , REZZF are still blocked . We are waiting for a reply with real answers . How can you do that to us ?


You do realise it’s not 212, but the regulator and or parties that 212 deal with?

It’s in 212’s interests to let us buy as many stocks as possible that could generate the 0.15% FX fee, or be loaned out for stock lending income.

Personally it’s great all these stocks were added, but I would recommend doing some light reading on security suspensions and market manipulation, and the requirements on a broker for protection of the markets.

The landscape is changing now with more retail investors, so the volumes and sizes of trades are changing from that seen traditionally, particularly with the reddit crew doing what is clearly manipulating the market on some stocks. Some people will win, others will lose out as a result. Others will simply be happy taking part.

This is why I have multiple brokers, should any one broker be forced to suspend a stock for any reason, I can buy elsewhere.


8 months without an feedback . Imagine investing money in an company without knowing that your money will be locked and nobody tells you what’s happening.


Good Afternoon, is there any news on when the restrictions will be lifted on TLSS? I am sure you are aware that the company was uplisted on OTC-QB recently and the market cap exceeds the threshold. Any news would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance!!


I would like to see an answer to this ASAP also as I am heavily invested in TLSS.



Transportation and Logistics Systems, Inc. (TLSS) remains in close only mode. The reason behind that is to prevent instrument suspension by the liquidity providers of our execution intermediary due to excessive order volume.

As for the other instruments that are still suspended, the discussion here will be among the first communication channels we’ll use to share updates. Unfortunately, there isn’t any news at this point.


This thread has exhaused its purpose, no point in repeating the same question to try and get a different answer.

I am sure T212 staff will announce any changes in a different thread.

Happy trading all.


Please confirm when buy restrictions are going to be removed for Surgepays?

Hey @Sayeem :wave:

We’ve already lifted the restrictions. You can freely buy/sell the stock.