And even then the Chinese aren’t the best at producing a quality product that lasts on they’re own so how will it fair against the more established brands?
I agree the Korean Market has increased but still they age quickly and without the ridiculously long warranties and cheap finance they wouldn’t compete.
You have to remember what the Korean cars were like 20 or 30 years ago as thats where I believe the Chinese cars will enter the market now, with a long uphill battle to produce something scaleable.
After all selling masses of Chinese cars to the Chinese isn’t exactly a global achievement. Let’s just hope they don’t say that the Chinese haven’t been able to build cars until now or the listing might get removed by Xi Jinping.
My advice stick with Tesla or bet with Nio

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That video sums it all up really. Crazy to see it like that.

Doesn’t it feel a little like tech bubble of the 2000’s?
I know the media keep pushing that narrative, but it really does feel a little that way.

Quite a volatile year for sure. It may be more volatile though next year :exploding_head:

The IPOs are looking like the tech bubble according to this graph I stumbled across yesterday.


It is getting a bit crazy…

Here is an interesting article about EVs