Tesla phone? Possibly

Is it true tesla going to releasing a mobile phone? Anyone heard this news? Thanks in advance

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Don’t bet on that.
For sure you just read an article or watched youtube made for clicks.

It would actually kind of make sense, given the volume of smart phones out there, that there is space in the market for another.

That said, what is really left to develop in a smart phone?

It would make more sense if there was a way to send data to mobile phones through star link, removing the need for extending 5g infrastructure, and based on the design of star link, should almost immediately be available everywhere.

The only thing being the speed of star link, is roughly the ‘average’ speed of 5g.

Back to the OP though, asking the question on a random forum isn’t really going to get the right answer. There’s lots of speculation out there, but nothing in terms of ‘confirmed’ development.

If Tesla were to enter the SmartPhone industry, what else could they bring to the table, realistically that Apple/Huwaii/Samsung couldn’t already match on a like for like cost basis?

I heard Trading 212 already developed an app for it.

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With the way Elon’s been consistently blasting Apple, it would not surprise me if they come out with a phone.

Don’t know how true this is. Don’t recall it being confirmed any where, also if it had been i’m sure there would be none stop buzz about it.

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Million hour batteries. :wink: I mean… if anyone’s gonna do it…


It would make sense with all that investment into skynet cough starlink…

If a Tesla phone gets introduced it will get apple status/cult status very quickly with all the fanboys around.

Would not surprise me a bit…


It’s been in development since 2002:


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