The pending order limit has been reached?


I’d like an info, today during US market time i opened and closed multiple positions.

Multiple times happened that when i was going to place a sell order (Limit/Stop Limit) i got this message and couldn’t sell my share at all.

I dind’t have any pending order at all and i had to wait 2 minutes until i was able again to place an order.

Right time is everything when you sell and buy stock…

Why i got multiple times this message with no pending orders at all?

I think based on the recent PLTR nightmare on DPO and @David reply not everyone could put in a limit order.

This was because of IB the broker that T212 uses has limits on how many pending can be set at any one time.

T212 has an onimbus account so I hope they can negotiate to increase this pending limitation.

Hopefully that hard limit can be softened.

This is really something that should be fixed, because even yesterday i was not able to put a stop loss limit order and if i want to sell i have to place a market order.