There is way to set stop loss and take profit targets?

I am coming from CMC Markets trading platform and they have an amazing UI where at the time of opening your position the UI tells you the exact amount you are losing or earning based on your stop loss and take profit prices. Does Trading 212’s UI provide something like this? I just tried in practice, but I couldn’t find such feature.

On ISA/Invest platform you can only use a limit sell order or a stop-limit sell order to take profits.

Stop loss can be set if you click the “Sell” button at your position. At the Stop tab you can set your stop loss.

Yes I noticed that but what I am interested in is the UI telling me exactly how much dollar amount I am risking with each position given the entry price and stop loss price. For example, if you look at the screen shot of the CMC Markets app UI, you can clearly see that the by opening this position, I will be losing £65.30 or making £151.60 depending where the price hits first.Screenshot 2020-08-10 at 09.44.50

Yes you can see that on the CFD platform too. However keep in mind that the shown amount can be changed by foreign exchange rates.

As far as I know it isn’t possible on Invest/ISA.

Ok sorry I should have specified. I was referring to the ISA account. Thanks for confirming.

It is actually possible you just need to do a bit of math, I try to explain. For example Adobe below

The selling price is 435.14 however if I set limit loss for example at 420 for one share it shows me the total I am going to get which in this case is easy to count, however the money you are going to lose if that limit loss trigger is 435.14-419.99 and that’s where the math is. I understand on the CFD is different and give you the direct amount already calculated but this is the best way I found so far in the Invest side of T212.

This might not be the most technical idea but it would be nice to be able to set stop/limit orders by a %.

Ie sell if drop by 10% or sell if raise by 20% etc

Rather than putting in the exact figures.

Probbaly useless for the more technical folks but it’s easier to know “right I can only lose x% than, I can lose 116.7p x 15 shares” kind of thing

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I definitely second this idea of putting stops with % loss / gain.

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I think something like this is in pipe:

I would just really like to be able to set a simultaneous stop limit and take profit order.

I definitely second this. This is available in CMC Markets screenshot I posted above and I found it such a great feature.

I also think both features are necessary:

  1. Simultaneous stop-limit and take profit for ISA accounts
  2. Stop loss and take profit using %

If these features are added to the Pies too, then this will be the ideal platform for trafing! Currently, I spend a lot of time fine-tuning my positions