Tickr Meter (Indiegogo)

This thing looks cool, display your portfolio performance and the days pricing in your office -anyone on the waiting list?


I saw a couple of ads for this on Instagram and signed up for updates. Looks pretty cool. I expect it to be expensive though…… if it’s a reasonable price, I’d consider it.

I try not to check daily but I love this.

How much are they.

80-99$ they said on their Facebook page.

Not bad if it’s towards the $80 on preorder. Works out to £57.50 at current FX rate. I was hoping for ~£50, so I am probably in at this price point…… just for the novelty value.

Yeah I’m with you. Although I sense we’ll be stung about $30 in postage.

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Sod that then. I’ll just leave my iPad on if I was that bothered.

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Feel like this is a silly question, but does it only display one ticker at a time?

Can it rotate intermittently? The video didn’t make it look like it could.

Anyone know?

Like @Jobloggs , not sure I need it given I have watchlists galore on TradingView… but I do love a gadget.

Looks like it can rotate through ten stocks according to the info page.

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That would be an anxiety nightmare on your desk. Could you get any work done?

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