Tilray & Aphria Announce Closing of Transaction That Creates the “New” Tilray

The link to the merger - Tilray & Aphria Announce Closing of Transaction That Creates the “New” Tilray – a Global Cannabis Leader | Business Wire

Does this mean that on 5 May those who had Aphria will receive 0.8381 of a Tilray Share for each share?

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The effective date of the merger is 30.06.2021. The eligible holders will receive the cash equivalent of the new shares.

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Please elaborate.

Those who hold Aphria shares are meant to receive an amount of Tilray shares.

Aphria become Tilray I’m not sure you can just close and sell stocks rather just transfer??

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Just going to tag a few knowledgable folk on here who maybe able to help? Hope that’s okay.

After what I read Aphria shares would become Tilray with the added 0.8381 per 1 Aphria share.

@Joey_Fantana @phildawson @laguiar

Hope someone who maybe more knowledgable on a merger could help me understand as what I read seems different to what @Bogi.H seems to have posted.

Thank you

We are working on a feature that will allow us to reflect mergers and allocating shares. Currently, I am not able to provide an ETA of when the feature will be implemented hence, the eligible holders will receive the cash equivalent of the new shares.

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When Landcadia Holdings merger happened wasn’t the ticker changed and the shares became Golden Nugget?

Is this the same or different?

Would you expect this could happen before the merger as I really don’t want to have to sell all my shares if it could hopefully be prevented?


There is a difference between a merger and an acquisition. A merger occurs when two independent companies create a new one. An acquisition happens when one company take over another e.g Golden Nugget Online Gaming by Landcadia Holdings.

When will we receive the cash? Reflecting which TLRY share price? Shouldn’t you have informed us earlier?

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As above please. Does it say this anywhere in t’s and c’s?

Do you think you’ll be able to do this before the merger?

I’m currently running at a minus on my Aphria so forced to sell isn’t ideal.

Could do with some more info?

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The eligible holders will receive the cash equivalent of the new shares after the effective date of the merger and further information will be disclosed before the event.

Hi @Bogi.H

What further information are you waiting for please? I’d like to be prepared as I am not wanting to sell these shares if at all possible.

Thanks kindly

Cash equivalent at TLRY price yesterday/today/tomorrow OR on June 30th?

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The price of the new shares will be the one on the day of the merger, 30.06. The exact price will be disclosed on the day of the execution of the event.

@Hris.M @Bogi.H

Are you able to work on the feature prior to 30/6? :crossed_fingers:t2:

Therefore my Aphria shares will be merged with Tilray.

Ideal situation if that could happen. Hope the feature ain’t impossible to implement :crossed_fingers:t2:

Thanks kindly

Unfortunately, the share conversion feature will not be made available prior to the execution of this particular event.

So, if Tilray tanks, T212 will compensate for the losses on my blocked-for-2-months investment?

Аfter an additional check, we can confirm that the eligible clients will receive the cash equivalent of the proceeds from the sale at the achieved market price today, the effective date of the completion of the event. You will receive a platform notification with additional information within few days.

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It would have been helpful when recently buying more Aphria to have had a notification stating I was buying a stock that t212 currently doesn’t have the feature to merger the shares I own. Then I would have been alerted. As far as I was aware my stocks would have been transferred. Nothing online alerted me to the contrary.

So currently my Aphria shares are sat at a loss as of 30/04.

Just seems a bit sloppy the way this has been handled.

Should I have emailed t212 in advance to find out what was happening with the Aphria merger?

Feel disappointed that my position will simply be closed (at a loss to myself) because t212 hasn’t set up a feature that seems integral to the run up of this merger (and future mergers)

Why can’t the shares sit there until you work out the feature to merger them?



So the feature is in existence but just not “available” and won’t be given we still have 8 whole weeks?

Could you explain why not please?