Total returns (open & closed positions)

I am aware that Trading 212 displays your ‘Return’ on investments in the Portfolio tab of the app, which I presume is simply calculated as ((Portfolio Value - Amount Invested)/Amount Imvested)*100

This is all well and good for monitoring current positions, but is there a way to see all-time rate of return and annualised rate of return on open and closed positions (i.e. total returns from using T212)?

An example of where this would come in handy is after Apple and Tesla’s stock splits. My positions were closed when they occurred (I only owned fractionals) and after re-buying them at their new prices, my % ‘Return’ plummeted (because my returns on Apple and Tesla went from profit to becoming ‘Invested’ capital after the sell and re-buy). Again, the ‘Return’ figure T212 shows is appropriate here for a live insight into my current open positions’ performance, but it means I don’t have any insight into my long term success on T212.

My Vanguard account seems to handle this really well, showing a separate ‘Personal Rate of Return’ figure, which it describes as being IRR:

The only similar feature in T212 I can find is the ‘Total return’ figure in the ‘History’ tab of the app, but this seems to only give your net profit/loss on closed positions.

Finally, I am aware that I could use 3rd party software to log all of my trades, and it would then calculate for me my overall returns, but this is such a hassle and I imagine it wouldn’t be too difficult for the T212 app to calculate this for me itself?

So, am I being really stupid and missing something here, or has such a feature not yet been introduced?


Been asked a lot of times now, they’re just really busy right now, hopefully implemented soon. Would be nice to get an annualised return percentage too

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Ah ok, thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

Freetrade just introduced a money-weighted rate of return (I believe this is just another term for IRR), so hopefully T212 will be able to implement it soon!

Edit: also worth adding that fingers crossed when it is added, it will be retrospective (and not just start calculating from when the feature is rolled out)! :crossed_fingers: